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• Dictation Technology
We can provide you with the dictation technology that fits your specific needs:

- Telephone
- Handheld Digital Recorder
- Smartphone App
- PC Software

Each option offers specific advantages, and we offer you the flexibility of using multiple dictation capture methods if you choose. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and design a system that meets your needs.
• Medical Transcription Services/Transcription Into EMR Systems
Vance Digital has been providing expert medical transcription services since 1999, with experience in a variety of medical specialties. All transcription is performed within the U.S., and our processes are compliant with HIPAA/HITECH and the Omnibus Final Rule. We use encrypted technology to return the completed documents to you in electronic and/or print form. Vance Digital also offers EMR-compatible transcription. We can transcribe directly into EMR systems such as Epic, or we can provide an interface between our transcription platform and your EMR so that transcribed data is automatically populated into the appropriate sections of the EMR patient encounter record. We design a transcription process that meets YOUR needs, so you can focus on patient care instead of complicated technology.
• Secure Email, Fax, Text Messaging
Every day your office personnel exchange email, faxes, and text messages with other staff members, patients, and other healthcare service providers. But did you know that sending electronic protected health information (ePHI) through regular email is a HIPAA violation? Would you like to get rid of your fax machine and send secure faxes through your computer as easily as printing out a document? Does a free HIPAA- compliant text and instant messaging service pique your interest? Vance Digital can provide you with the technology and training you need to communicate securely with staff members, patients, and other medical services providers.